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The Duchess - Quality wooden store front facade 1:12 scale roombox dollhouse miniature walnut

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The Noble roomboxes line - The Duchess, the Duke and the Archduke - YouTube

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The Noble line is our brand new line of fronts, designed for collectors and miniature experts. The entire line is hand crafted in the highest quality.

The Noble line is comprised of 3 types of fronts The Duke, the Duchess and the Archduke. Additionally, there is an add-on Noble Box that matches the fronts.

This line was designed with you in mind. The fronts are extremely versatile and can be used as with the add-on Noble box, on the bottom floor of dollhouses, or even as picture frames! The Noble line is a royal addition to any project, limited only by your imagination.

Due to high demand, the Noble line is available on first come, first serve basis.

Each front is available in two colours Walnut and unfinished. They come ready to assemble in 5 minutes, included with glass panels for both windows and doors.

Duchess The Duchess is a beautiful front with Elizabethan architecture. The front is 1-1/4" deep, with simple elegance that fits any project.

Duke The Duke is a gorgeous front, with a few more details than the Duchess. It is 2" deep, with the windows protruding away from the entryway for additional depth.

Archduke - For those of you looking for the real royal treatment, there is the Archduke. It is a stunning front, identical to the Duke but with 2 spectacular bay windows. It is 7" deep.

Noble Box The Noble Box is an optional add-on designed to perfectly accompany any of the fronts. The box is 18"L x 10.5"D x 9"H.

On the back side of the Duke, Archduke and Duchess there are 4 magnets, which fit flawlessly to four magnets at the front of the Noble Box.

Using the magnets, you can mix and match any of the fronts for a different feel for the box

If you prefer a permanent solution, there are also pre-drilled holes at the front of the box, which match 4 pegs that come with the fronts. These pegs can be glued to the holes in the box and to the holes at the back side of the Duke, Archduke and Duchess.

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