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Quality wooden playroom child baby room set kit 1:144 scale

Quality wooden playroom child baby room set kit 1:144 scale

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Part Number:M81 1:144
The thickness of the wood: 0,4 mm

Materials, tweezers, glue, magnification

Toddler bed
Release the individual parts from the backing material and sort on your workbench. One Glue one side wall of the bed, and the bed bottom to the back wall. Add the second side wall. Once the glue has dried add the front wall.
Toy chest, seat
Bend the arm rests of the seat up and glue to the back wall.(This part has rounded edges for the arm rests). Bend the part for the lower inside of the chest and glue into place. Attach the front. Keep the little rectangular pieces (inserts of the drawer frames) as bases for the figures of the puppet theater. Glue the 2 drawer frames on top of each other and then onto the drawer bottom. Glue a small hole-less bead or a piece of wire to the drawer front as a pull. Glue the drawer front to the drawer. Arrange the 7 little toys to your liking on top of the toy chest, in the drawer, or keep for other uses.
Insert the 3 side parts (that carry the legs) into the table top and secure with glue dots.
Bend the 2 side frame parts with tweezers at the dotted line, forming an arch. Attach 2-3 shelves per shelf system and secure with glue. Repeat for second shelf system. Once glue is dry connect these two systems with 2 – 3 shelves between them.
If this 3 shelving system is too big for your room consider the usage of only 2 units. Attach the many little toys with glue dots to the shelves.
Glue the two sites into the seat of each of the 3 stools.
Glue the 3 little teddy bears to the base.
Glue two side parts together, then glue the other two side parts together.
After glue is dry join the 4 sides together and glue to the base.
Puppet theater
Bend the side walls at the dotted lines using tweezers. Insert pieces of wires in the respective openings to the front and back of the
theater. These wires can be used to suspend curtains. Attach the wires with glue. Insert the windowsill. Attach the theater to its base.
If you kept the 2 rectangular spare pieces from the toy chest kit you can use them now to mount the provided figures.
Rocking horse
Insert the two little wooden rods in the torso and glue the 2 side parts in place. Place the 3rd wooden rod between the legs. Attach
wire pieces as holders for hands and feet.
Release the 4 cat legs, the torso, and the mouse parts.
Cut 2 metal wire pieces ca. 2 mm long. Insert one foot to the wire piece and attach to the torso. Make sure that the toes point
towards the head!. Attach the second foot. Secure the wire with glue dots. Repeat with the remaining leg pair once the glue is dry

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