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Quality wooden dinning room set kit 1:144 scale

Quality wooden dinning room set kit 1:144 scale

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Part Number:M116 1:144
The thickness of the wood: 0,4 mm

Materials, tweezers, glue, magnification

Release the individual parts and sort on your workbench. Always use tweezers.

1. Bookcase

Glue the 3 shelves between the side walls. Then add the back wall. Insert two handles in the

doors. Add the bottom and top part and insert the doors in the process.

2. Sideboard

Release the individual parts from the backing material and sort on your workbench. Always use

tweezers. Glue the 2 wires into the holes within the door.

Glue the bottom part (middle hole to the left) and the right wall (with 3 slots) to the back wall.

Attach the partition wall and the shelf.

Attach the left wall and the counter top (middle hole to the left). To attach the doors, slightly lift

the counter top.

3. Shelf

Glue all 4 half-round shelf plates to one side wall. Allow to dry and attach the other side.

4. Chairs

Bend the seats to a right angle and glue them to the back parts. Allow to dry and attach the side


5. Table

As table legs you have two pieces: two table legs connected to one table frame part. Bend the legs

to the frame in a right angle. Glue this to the table top and add the second piece.

Construct the drawer frame and glue onto drawer bottom. Add the front and glue the knob into

the respective hole. Insert into the table slot.

Don’t forget to use the cutting boards and cutlery!!

6. Coffee table and bowl

Attach the 2 tabletops to the 2 props. Die

Create the bowl by putting two oval frames together and onto the fitting bottom plate.

5 picture frames adorn your walls. Is the meal ready?

We recommend the purchase of other scale 1:144 sets, e.g. bedroom, living room, play room,

music room and bathroom.

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