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Narrow panel - Royal Paneling line White

Narrow panel - Royal Paneling line White

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Build a Room Using Components

There are 8 available components to cover the walls in a roombox or a room within your dollhouse. The heights are 8-7/8”. It is designed to fit in a 9” or more ceiling height.

You can add as many panels as needed in order to complete the room, using a center column to join them. There is a Corner Column to change direction of your walls and Left and Right Columns to complete the scene.

The measurement given for the columns reflect the difference in joining one wall to the other. The column ¼” stated is the amount needed for the join. The actual column on the outside is ½” wide, which overlaps on either wall.

With these components you are only limited by your imagination and can make many varied rooms to suit your needs.

PANELS 8-7/8" (22.5cm )tall

panel width


Narrow panel

5.4cm / 2-1/8"


Wide panel

11.6cm / 4-9/16"


Extra Wide panel

18.8cm / 7-3/8"


fireplace panel

21.6cm / 8-1/2"



column width


Left end column

0.8cm / 5/16"


Center conector column

0.4cm / 5/32"


Right end column

0.8cm / 3/8"


Corner conector column

0.9cm / 7/16"


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