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Economic 5 Five-Piece Bedroom Set Green MF9905 for dollhouse 1:12 scale

Economic 5 Five-Piece Bedroom Set Green MF9905 for dollhouse 1:12 scale

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This lovely pale green bedroom set consists of 5 pieces - Bed, dresser, mirror, side table and rocking chair, and is made of wood.

The bed has a foam mattress and pillow, covered in floral cotton. It has a floral design painted on the headboard and foot board, which have spindles and 4 posts. The bed measures 4 ¾” wide by 6 ½” in length - this includes the headboard and the footboard.

The dresser has an oval mirror highlighted in gold. It sits on a small chest with non-working drawers. However the four main drawers of the dresser do open. A floral design is painted on the front of each drawer, the sides and the top of the dresser. The dresser is 3 3/8” tall to the main part of the dresser and 6 ½” tall to the top of the mirror. It measures 1 1/8” deep, and 3 7/8” wide.

The dressing mirror does swivel on the turned sides. There is a floral design on the top of the mirror, the chest and the drawer. The drawer does open. There are accents of gold on the sides of the spindles. The total piece of furniture measures 5 3/8” tall, 2 ¼” wide and 1” deep. The mirror itself is 1” x 3 ½”.

Bedside table has a floral design painted on each of the 3 working drawers, as well as the sides and top. It is 2” tall, 2” wide and 1 ¼” deep. The back is ¼” taller.

The rocking chair has bentwood arms, a woven seat, and a spindle back. It has a carved design on the back of the chair, painted gold, and the spindles are highlighted in gold. It is 1 ¾” from the floor to the top of the seat and 4” to the top knob of the back of the chair. The seat is 1 ½” x 1 ¾”. The rockers are approximately 2 ½” in length.

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