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Coming soon - THE NEW TALL EMPRESS+ ROOM BOX KIT BY MINILAND white + gold 1:12 scale

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Empress +, Roombox 1:12 scale by - YouTube

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The Empress Room box epitomizes richness and elegance of the highest standard. There are 3 different finishes to choose from: white with gold trim and walnut floor, Walnut and Unfinished.

Projects featuring The Empress have often been featured in leading Miniature Magazines, and The Empress has even been on the cover of multiple magazines!

The Empress + is an upgrade of the original empress. It is taller, 12” floor to ceiling. Additionally, in the Empress + the base is connected to the walls using bolts, allowing for simple electrical corrections by unscrewing the base.


The walls are already channelled, ready to receive the wiring and very easy to do.

The wires can be hidden in channels in the walls, and can be pulled through to a hole at the top of the ceiling. This allows for a chandelier to be connected using a simple pair of tweezers.

All the wires are connected to the base under the floor, where all the electrical connection can be completed comfortably, while kept hidden.


However, if lights are needed on either side of the fireplace, this can easily be accomplished by drilling a hole where the light will be needed, and feeding the wire through. This capability is also available on the left side of the roombox.


The base is connected to the walls using bolts, allowing for simple electrical corrections by unscrewing the base. Any painting or wallpapering on the unfinished one can be done while the walls are flat.


There are posts on either side of the front of the box which are held in place with recessed magnets so that the plexiglass front can be removed to allow easy access.

The outside of the box measures 20 ½” wide, 14 ¾” deep, and 14.5” in height with two decorative finials which can be placed on the top front.

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