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Clearance sale Corner Roombox Kit-Dioni 3min assembly 1:12 Store Shop

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The Dioni - Corner Store kit:

The outside measurements are 11.75” wide; 11.75” deep; and 9.9” high, with top trim it is 10 ½” high.
The inside measurements are 9.5” wide; 9.5” deep and 9” high.
There are 3 Palladian windows on each side of the double doors. Each piece is pre-fabricated, so all one has to do is put glue on the bottom and on the side and fit into the off-set holes which are on the base. Cannot make an error as each side has pegs to fit exactly into the pre-drilled holes in the base. The corners fit absolutely perfectly together.
The ‘roof’ has a plexi-glass opening and fits right on top of the room box, so that the inside can be easily viewed from the top or from the front. The doors are already hinged in place. Plexiglas is included for all windows, doors and top. Also included is handles for the doors .
It would be very easy to paint and wallpaper before assembly as each wall can be laid flat. There is a limited amount of stores and once we run out, it will NOT be re-ordered.

All that is needed to construct this house is approximately 3min.

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