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CLEARANCE SALE - Cir-kit "Porcelain" Type Ceiling Fixture on Tapewire

CLEARANCE SALE - Cir-kit "Porcelain" Type Ceiling Fixture on Tapewire

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Part Number:CK-003
The CK501 light fixture has been designed primarily for use in illuminating hallways or attics and/or as a backlight for individual rooms.

Construction is such that it may be taped and bradded into a tape run at any point and requires no soldering or special tools for installation. The fixture is mounted directly on a 1-1/2" segment of conductive tape and employs a 12-volt wire terminal bulb as the light source.

Power consumption of the bulb is between 50 and 60 ma of current.

Diameter of the fixture is approximately 3/8" and, when installed, extends approximately 1/4" from the ceiling.

Comes with instructions and 1/8" brass brads.

1" to 1'. 1:12 Scale. This is sized for a dollhouse.

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